How I got rid of my spots in just 3 weeks

As far as spots go, I’ve been fairly lucky for most of my life. I say most of my life because the past few months have been different. I can’t tell you what brought it on, but I’ve had small break outs on my chin and between my eyebrows. I recently found I chart explaining that inner health can reflect on the surface and which areas are effected by which causes. For example the spots I get on my chin could be brought on by hormones, not much I can do about that.

After a few weeks of being extra careful to wash my face in the mornings and before going to bed and removing all of my make up properly, there wasn’t much change. I had even adjusted my eating habits a bit after getting my braces, not having any sugary drinks and the likes. I tried a few different drug store face washes without result. Then I decided to try the Clinique 3 step system, which consists of a facial soap, a lotion and a moisturiser. I have the Clinique anti-blemish gel and am very pleased with it and my aunt once let me use the moisturiser for sun burn when we didn’t have any aftersun and remember being really pleased with the result.

I can’t remember exactly how much I payed for all three, there was a discount that day, 30% of the second item. I think it might have been about €70 in total. Quite an investment on my part. But I though it was at least worth a try and after all I was really pleased with the anti-blemish stuff. I explained the problems I was having with my skin to the shopping assistant and told her up until the last few months, I never had spots not even during puberty and she advised me the 3 step plan for skin type 3 to 4.

I took a picture everyday for a few weeks (or at least I tried, I forgot a few times) to record the progress. I started and ended my day first by washing my face with the liquid soap, then using the lotion on a cotton pad, going over my entire face once followed by the moisturiser. I’m going to tell you right here I was particularly impressed by the moisturiser, I’ve never liked the feeling of moisturiser, not on my face, my hands, anywhere. But this one was absorbed in record time and didn’t feel sticky or anything and left my skin super soft.

Here’s a picture of day one with make up. (I felt like I had to show a pic with make up to prove I don’t look that bad in real life lol)
day 1 with and without make up
day 1 with and without make up
day 2 and 3
day 4 and 6
day 7 and 8
day 9 and 11
day 12 and 13
day 15 and 16
day 18 and 19
day 20 and 21
day 23

Ok so I have to admit the spots don’t look as bad in the photos. And I have to mention some of the redness on my chin is scaring from previous spots that healed badly, plus I have a terrible habbit of picking at some of them. All in all I guess I could say it has worked, these pics were taken over a month ago and I haven’t had any break outs in the last 3 weeks! *knock on wood* Even in the first few weeks it only took up to 4days for a spot to clear. I’m very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend it.

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