Ootd and Noodles

Hi there! I’ve been busy today. Besides the obvious change of layout ( hope you like it ;) ) I’ve finally made time to make an outfit post! The thing is, I really don’t like posing for pictures and especially not on my own.  So I try and wait until the house is empty and put a camera on automatic. Today I used the Go pro, I was very pleased with the results from my disney pics I had taken earlier in the month. I’ll do a write up about that at some point. I also enlisted help from my fluffy friend Noodle, so I wouldn’t have to pose on my own. Ok , she is obscuring most of my outfit, baby steps I would say :)





I’m so glad I’ve finally had the chance to wear this skirt. I bought it al the way back in February on my visit to Barcelona , in Springfield. I had never been to Springfield but ended up buying quite a lot. I combined the skirt with a plain black tank top and a denim jacket and to finish the ‘rocky’ look I wore a pair of brown imitation suede boots. My friend noodle is sporting a beautiful brown fur coat and some hay on her tootsies as a finishing touch!

Boots and skirt Springfield, tank top unknown, denim jacket Forever 21, earrings Primark, Noodle The animal shelter :)

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