My month in pictures

Hi there! I can’t believe our holiday was only a few weeks ago! So much has happened since. Things are slowly starting to take shape in our new home. There are less and less boxes stacked waiting to be unpacked, lampshades have been hung up and furniture put together. The place has really started to feel like home. So needless to say I haven’t really done that much that wasn’t move-related in the past few weeks! #bruges #doodle #artsy #diytiger #diy Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op 11 Okt 2015 om 11:44 PDT I did manage to go shopping once, calling it ‘Christmas shopping’, a week or two ago. To be fair […]

This is our new house

Moving to Bruges

Moving in together is a big step. My boyfriend and I decided to find a place in Bruges. It didn’t take long for us to find the perfect place. There were only a few things we wanted in our future home. A garden or terrace, a garage, 3 to 4 bedrooms and in the city centre.


Long time no see..

So… I haven’t been around that much lately and have consequently not posted anything at all over the last few months. A quick update: At the beginning of the summer holidays I went on holiday to Cyprus. My boyfriends dad and step mother live in Paphos and he visits them every year with the kids. I had never been to Cyprus before and hadn’t been on holiday with the kids yet so I was really  excited about it. Also my dad was born there, my grandparents worked for the royal air force. And if anything, a holiday was well overdue! We stayed for a very hot long week and had a great time. #holidays #happiness […]


turning 24

Happy birthday too meeee! Wednesday will be the day I turn 24. This year I decided to throw myself a little birthday party at my boyfriends pub. Nothing to big or special but nether the less we had a great time. Before meeting up at the north sea, I had to decide on an outfit which wasn’t an easy task. I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last few months so most of my dresses are a bit tight.. I did try to find something new while shopping in Brussels but had no luck. In the end I decided to ware a jumpsuit which fit al right until I sat down, and the seam […]



A few weeks ago we decided to take my boyfriends daughter, Juliette, to Disneyland Paris. His son was on a ski trip with his aunt and they decided Juliette is too young to join in. But I don’t think she minded when she was told where she would be going! This promise was made around Christmas and had been a bit forgotten by the little Juliette, so when we picked her up from her mums one morning she had no idea where we were going, except that it was far away. Of course we didn’t leave her in the dark for three hours and told her where we were going after a rest stop and […]


Happy Birthday Fashion Happens!

Happy birthday too meee, happy bir.. actually I’m a bit too late there. Last week I was reading a blog post on fashion walk in Brussels and Rafaela had written about her blog’s first birthday and thought what a great idea! I went on to my first blog domain to check the exact date I started and it turns out that was last month, oops! Never mind, still a nice idea to do a small recap of the past year. I started my blog after one of my friends had suggested it, to start with I wasn’t sure about the idea, did I have enough writing skills to write a blog people would actually like […]

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international day of happiness

With all the doom and gloom going on the world today, it’ refreshing to have something like the international day of happiness coming up. The worlds very first international day of happiness was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012, which is a pretty new thing. Happiness may have different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Happiness can be anything. This is an opportunity to celebrate acts of generosity, kindness and focus on bringing happiness to others. As Ki-moon said, happiness means something […]


Barcelona 15

It’s no secret that my boyfriend and I love to travel, so when he suggested we take a break and go on a citytrip to Barcelona, I was in. I had never been to Barcelona before and didn’t really know what to expect. At school we learned a bit about Gaudi and the work he had done in the city, I really wanted to see his work. Whenever I go somewhere new, I get excited about going shopping there and my friend Niki who had been recently told me Barcelona wasn’t as good as she had expected shopping wise, so again I wasn’t sure what to expect.   We got up early in the morning […]



Saint Valentines: Pinks and reds, roses and harts, chocolates and romantic dates, these are the things you generally think of. Everyone knows it as the holiday the greeting cards company’s promoted and yet we still love it. I can’t say I’ve had a memorable valentines , this might be due to the fact that I haven’t had a particularly romantic boyfriend as yet. When I was sixteen my boyfriend at the time made me a metal rose at school, which was pretty sweet. After this I had a few short relationships and I don’t think I received any special valentines attention. My last boyfriend got me some flowers once and I made him a special […]