Birthday Cake

On Sunday it was my friends 24th birthday and I decided to do something special for her. Besides buying her a birthday present, I made her a cake. Not just any cake, but a super deluxe chocolate cake. When I think of Elien the first thing that pops into my mind is chocolate. No surprise there, she truly is a chocoholic and carries the stuff everywhere. Even in the summer, during a heat wave, you can count on Elien stashing at least a few pieces in her handbag for on the road. I have to say this particular cake is my favourite, my mum used to make me a similar one when I was little on my birthdays. I made the same […]


New years

New years resolutions, everyone seems to make them. Promises for the new year they have no intention of keeping and I’m having a hard time seeing the point in it all. I stopped making new year resolutions quite a few years ago, but all of this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy celebrating the end of the year. I like taking the time to look back on all that has happened, the good and the bad. This year as all others was full of twists and surprises as the last. When 2014 started I thought to myself this year couldn’t get much worse than the last, my dad had died of cancer and my mum had […]


Niki’s Bday and Mylene night at Joyce’s

Had a busy weekend, during as well as after work. I work in a toy shop and the last minute shoppers have started to appear. My friend Niki’s birthday is on christmas day and this year she decided to do her birthday party a week earlier. So on friday I made my way over to Niki’s mums place , where the party was being held with my friend Elien. It was really windy that night and it was quite a long ride to the party so when we got there it was lovely and warm. Once everyone had arrived, Niki started unwrapping her gifts. I purposely waited until last, I had been teasing her all week […]


Pre Christmas Shopping

  Hi there! Shopping-wise, I have had a very good week. At the beginning of the week I received two internet orders, one from boohoo.com and another with new Gellish colours. On boohoo.com I ordered a dress, a top and a pair of shoes along with a playsuit for my friend. Everything fit perfectly even the shoes, I was a bit worried about those, for the clothing I measured myself to be sure about the sizes, but with the shoes there really was no way of knowing for sure if they would fit well. As for the Gellish, I ordered a mat finish, cherry red, black, blue with sparkles and black with green sparkly bits. On […]


My week in pictures

        On thursday morning my boyfriend took me christmas decoration shopping at a gigantic shop in Brugge, they literally sold everything you could imagine, christmas-wise that is. This year I decided to go with snowy white decorations, which I have to say I’m pretty pleased with. I had to work that afternoon so the decorating would have to wait until the next day but we did have time to go for a spot of lunch and my boyfriend gave me the choice, pizza hut or mcdonalds. We had mcdonalds the week before so I chose pizza hut (yes he does spoil me a bit). Who can say no to a all you can eat […]