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I recently decided to only use cruelty free beauty products. You’d think that in this day and age it wouldn’t be too hard to steer clear of products tested on animals, how is this still happening?

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It started a while back when someone got me a giftcard for MAC. A friend offhandedly mentioned they tested on animals and she didn’t think I would be ok with that. I told her I had no idea they tested on animals and didn’t really think much about it for a while. But her comment planted a seed at the back of my mind,  I kept thinking of someone doing horrible tests on my pet rabbits. So one day I announced to my boyfriend I would no longer use product tested on animals, he could do what he wanted but from now on, everything I bought would be cruelty free.




We made a short trip to the UK a few weeks ago and the plan was to stock up on all our bathing and beauty products in Poundland. We don’t have any shops like it in Belgium. So in preparation of our trip, I decided to look up what was ok and what wasn’t. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Poundland.

But because this has cost me some time and effort I decided to post my findings to help you guys out (:

Here’s a list of Poundland cruelty free products:

Make Up Gallery

Creightons Keratin Pro conditioner

Mellor & Russel hair colouring

Alberto Balsam hairproducts

Imperial leather


Tested on animals:


Aussi (Procter &Gamble)

Garnier (L’Oreal)



Dove (Unilever)

Simple (Unilever)

Herbal Essences (Procter&Gamble)



Bristows hairproducts

Knight Castille (Unilever)

Carex (PZ Cussons)





Original Source

Soft & Gentle deodorant

Right Guard deodorant

Sure (Unilever)

Vaseline (Unilever)

Tampax(Protector & Gamble)

Always (Protector & Gamble)

Kotex (Protector & Gamble)

Bodyform (Protector & Gamble)


Gillette (Protector & Gamble)



Arm & Hammer (Church & Dwight)

Pearl Drops (Church & Dwight)


OralB (Protector & Gamble)


Listerine (Johnson & Johnson)



So… It turns out there are barely any products available… There were a few brands which I found nothing on, they all had a ‘Made in China’ air about them, so most likely, tested on animals I’m afraid.

In my quest to find out which products were cruelty free, I found PeTA’s website helped me the most. Be sure to check them out sometime ;)



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