1A few weeks ago we decided to take my boyfriends daughter, Juliette, to Disneyland Paris. His son was on a ski trip with his aunt and they decided Juliette is too young to join in. But I don’t think she minded when she was told where she would be going! This promise was made around Christmas and had been a bit forgotten by the little Juliette, so when we picked her up from her mums one morning she had no idea where we were going, except that it was far away.


Of course we didn’t leave her in the dark for three hours and told her where we were going after a rest stop and having a late breakfast. Upon arrival she was so excited it was contagious. I hadn’t been to Disneyland since I was a little girl, I remember the castle and a few of the rides and I even found a few pictures of myself whilst there.


I got us both a pair of mini mouse ears but it was a bit too windy to wear them, which wasn’t the end of the world, Juliette did have a mini mouse hat after all. It was nice and sunny most of the day, though still a bit cold. The first ride we went on was the it’s a small world after all. I have a picture of myself on this one when I was little. I think we stood in line for about 20 minutes and fed some ducks that were in the water some bread. She seemed to really enjoy this one.


After this we went on the teacups before moving on to the Alice in wonderland maze, which was a lot smaller then I remembered and was fairly simple.



All in all we didn’t really go on that many rides, there was a cue of about 20 to 30 minutes for every ride and we spent more time walking around and having a good time. A few rides were closed as well.




One of the last rides we went on was a merry-go-round, which was surprisingly short I have to say! We spent a longer time standing still while everyone was looking for a place to sit and to check everyone was strapped in, then actually enjoying the ride.

104One of the thing Juliette really wanted to do whilst in Disney, was see the parade. She was lucky enough to have one of the princesses come up to her and wave!

11Before making our way back to the car we went to the Disney shops. There were two things I really wanted to buy myself. One was a necklace with my name in Disney font, I thought surely, this would be the place to find one, but nope, I had no such luck. The second thing I really wanted was a cd with all the Disney songs. I know you could probably buy this on itunes but I prefer to spend my money on something tangible. When I was little a had a cassette with all the songs and absolutely loved it. Strangely, I didn’t see any dvd’s or cd’s whatsoever in the entire place. I’m hoping I’ll find them on my next visit, maybe I walked past them.

12At least we got some funny pics out of it. All in all we had a great day and we were all spent by the end of it. I can’t believe Juliette, who’s only six years old has been to Disney than me and knows her way around. She was still to young for most of the rides though, but I’m sure we will be back soon with both the children.


As for me, I will definitely be back sooner. A few months ago I booked for myself and my besties to stay for 3 days in may, which is little over a month away! The closer it gets, the more excited I’m getting! I’m hoping we will have beautiful weather during our stay. One of my friends insisted on getting a fast pass ,I’m glad we did now. We will be able to go on everything in both parks, or at least I hope so! There will be five of us but I’m sure this won’t be a problem, last time we were with three people and this worked out perfectly. So, see you soon Disney!!




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  1. Juliette is such a cutie pie!! I was just talking to my husband the other night about Disneyland Paris. I will be going to Paris in a week and he was saying how I should go there (he has been and he says its amazing). I doubt I will have time though. I’m jealous you will get to go back in May! How fun!!!



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