Long time no see..

So… I haven’t been around that much lately and have consequently not posted anything at all over the last few months.

A quick update: At the beginning of the summer holidays I went on holiday to Cyprus. My boyfriends dad and step mother live in Paphos and he visits them every year with the kids. I had never been to Cyprus before and hadn’t been on holiday with the kids yet so I was really  excited about it. Also my dad was born there, my grandparents worked for the royal air force. And if anything, a holiday was well overdue! We stayed for a very hot long week and had a great time.

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A week after we came back from our holiday, one of the staff members of my boyfriends pub called to say he wouldn’t be coming any more and at such short notice we weren’t able to find anyone new to replace him in the summer holidays. So before I knew it I was helping out at the pub, which took up a lot of my spare time. During the rest of the holidays my mum visited and my sister stayed over for a week and at the end of the holidays we met my uncle and his family in the Ardennes, which is situated in the south-east of Belgium. It was great to see them, my last visit to the UK to see family was over a year ago.

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Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op

I have also taken up a few of my old hobby’s, such as painting, have re-started my attempt to master the French language and of course there is netflix. No need for any explanation there…

When I did finally find the time to write, I discovered my website had been cut off because I hadn’t paid a bill, which arrived at the wrong address!


So there you have it, a long list of excuses, but what I’m basically saying was that it was a very busy summer and it looks like  we are going to have a very busy autumn ahead of us too. Next week my boyfriend and I leave for Bodrum for over a week. Forget about how busy I have been, this is nothing in compare to the past few months for my boyfriend. His life has literally been eat work sleep repeat, doing 16h shifts 5 days a week! So we barely got to see each other, let alone spend time together. This holiday will be just about us.

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Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op

When we get back we will finally be moving to Bruges and wow I have been looking forward to this for months!! It’s truly one of the most beautiful towns in the world. If anything it will be practical, I work in the Flying Tiger in Bruges, the kids go to school there and their mum lives there too. I can’t wait to get out of here.

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  1. You seem to have such an interesting life. Busy but still interesting and fun.It’s always great to travel and see other places.I’ve always loved the idea

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