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I can’t believe our holiday was only a few weeks ago! So much has happened since. Things are slowly starting to take shape in our new home. There are less and less boxes stacked waiting to be unpacked, lampshades have been hung up and furniture put together. The place has really started to feel like home. So needless to say I haven’t really done that much that wasn’t move-related in the past few weeks!

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I did manage to go shopping once, calling it ‘Christmas shopping’, a week or two ago. To be fair I did get one Christmas present, for my boyfriend, so it was a good excuse to go to Antwerp for a day. I love going to Antwerp, the shopping capitol in Belgium. They have a whole range of shops that we don’t have over here. One of these shops is Lush Cosmetics. My god, I love that place! This time I bought the ‘Big’ Shampoo with seasalt and a bathbomb. I can’t remember what the bathbomb was called and I have yet to use it. The shampoo on the other hand is great! I’m very pleased with it, I’ve only used it the once so far ( I have made a promise to my bf to us up all my beauty and hair care products before buying new ones, so I’m using up my organixs shampoo before moving on the lush one.)

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Also, I scored these really nice Nikes! I’ve been looking for a pair that was just right for me for ages. The story behind the shoes is that to start with I didn’t like Nikes at all, and my boyfriend, try as he might, couldn’t convince me to try them. I don’t know what has happened since then, but all of a sudden it became my mission in life to find a pair I liked. These are the pair then! I still can’t make my mind up, are they leopard skin or snake skin? Anyhow,I wear them most days now, and they go with almost anything. They are also my day 23 in my #100days of shoes on instagram

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Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op

A week or two ago we went to a bagel bar. As far as I know it’s the only one in the area, Sanseveria. Believe it or not it was the first time I ever had a bagel! I loved the place, it had really old fashioned music playing, like the aristocrats ( like in the disney film) and the settings were beautiful. O and the bagels were good too ;)

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Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op

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