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A while back I went window shopping and accidentally(hah!) bought this super cute faux leather dress. It was one of those pieces that you spot from across the room and instantly know you have to have it. Now, I was window shopping that day for a reason, I was low on funds and seriously had to watch my spending. I walked over to the dress knowing I shouldn’t really be looking at it, or anything else in the shop for that matter and was surprised to see it was actually only €29,95! Surely I could afford this, it wouldn’t break the bank. Nor would the other dress I ended up buying.

I was a bit worried the faux leather dress would create a look I’m not that into (think, dominatrix), so I combined it with a fun pair of polka dot tights and a pair of plain black high heel boots. I bought the boots years ago at Primark and they were dead cheap but they turned out to be a pair of pretty sturdy boots. I love this purse, I have been wearing it constantly since I got it. It really ‘pops’ with every outfit. Also a great accessory is my fluffy friend Moschi. He’s a super dog and fancy af!


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A special thanks to Moschi!

Dress Zara
Boots Primark
Purse Mango
Earrings Primark


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