OOTD. 60’s Playsuit

Hi there! While on holiday we took advantage of the beautiful settings to snap a few pics for the blog.

Today I’m wearing my favourite playsuit. It’s neat lines and clean cut make it a classy piece. One of the things I like best about this playsuit is that from the front it looks like a dress, but when you see it from behind, it becomes clear looks can be deceiving! It’s a bit on the short side so having the secret shorts make it more practical to wear. When I spotted this piece in the Zara with my boyfriend I instantly fell in love, it has a 60’s feel to it and it’s just super cute!

The strappy heels I must have bought about 6 years ago and there still going strong. I’m really pleased with the quality of all the Zara shoes I have gotten so far and these are no exception, I think I must have payed about 15euros at the time. They’re really comfy shoes and there not to high so they’re good for daily wear and go with almost anything.



Sunglasses: Flying Tiger
Playsuit: Zara
Heels: Zara
Bracelet: H&M

Zara playsuit

Zara Playsuit

Zara Playsuit

Zara Playsuit

Zara Playsuit

Zara Playsuit

Zara Playsuit



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