.Ootd. White dress and bliss

With the clocks set an hour ahead the days have taken a whole new proportion. Suddenly it’s dark outside by six o’clock! It’s hard to believe only a few weeks ago we were enjoying the hot sun in Turkey! I’m glad I had the chance to wear some of my favourite summer outfits one last time before I had to go back to my winter wardrobe, bluh .

A few months back when we were in Cyprus I bought this lovely halter neck dress in Mango. I love this shop for it’s simple no nonsense dresses. I have bought a few classic dresses over the past year in the Mango. If I’m not mistaken my boyfriend chose this dress. I love the sleek, clean lines and it was the first of a few white pieces I would be buying that summer. The only problem with this dress is finding the right bra! Everything I have is visible in the open back of the dress. The only thing that looks okay with this dress is a strapless white bikini top.




Dress: Mango
Sunglasses: New Look
Purse: Bart smit
Shoes: New Look



.Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango.Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango .Ootd.  White halter dress by Mango

29 thoughts on “.Ootd. White dress and bliss

  1. The clock-change always surprises me at this time of year as well – the days seem so much shorter! I love this all-white, bright and fresh look on you, it’s like a breath of fresh air on a very cold (and dark!) day :)


    1. thanks Shaira! I try not to buy too many black dresses, my wardrobe is packed with them! and when you go out to a party or whatever it’s usually really dark so all the LBDs look alike anyway, where’s the fun in that?

  2. I love this white dress. Your boyfriend has great taste. I love the back. I always shy away from these types of backs because of the bra situation. However, I mentioned this to a saleswoman the other day and she informed me that they actually make a special bra for these type of dresses. You can even wear this bra with a backless dress. I will definitely be checking into this since I would love to wear this type of dress. You look great in this white one.


    1. Thanks! You should see all the cool things my bf has picked for me, he really should be a stylist or something :p I had one of those sticky bra’s but they lose the stick after a while..

  3. Love your outfit. The white dress is so pretty and I really like the shape of the back. Kind of sporty.

    Totally agree that it’s so hard to get used to it getting dark so early! The clocks change here on Sunday so I think it will be dark by 5pm! Ahh, I hate it! Oh well, looking forward to Christmas at least!



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