My month in pictures

Hi there! I can’t believe our holiday was only a few weeks ago! So much has happened since. Things are slowly starting to take shape in our new home. There are less and less boxes stacked waiting to be unpacked, lampshades have been hung up and furniture put together. The place has really started to feel like home. So needless to say I haven’t really done that much that wasn’t move-related in the past few weeks! #bruges #doodle #artsy #diytiger #diy Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op 11 Okt 2015 om 11:44 PDT I did manage to go shopping once, calling it ‘Christmas shopping’, a week or two ago. To be fair […]

This is our new house

Moving to Bruges

Moving in together is a big step. My boyfriend and I decided to find a place in Bruges. It didn’t take long for us to find the perfect place. There were only a few things we wanted in our future home. A garden or terrace, a garage, 3 to 4 bedrooms and in the city centre.


Long time no see..

So… I haven’t been around that much lately and have consequently not posted anything at all over the last few months. A quick update: At the beginning of the summer holidays I went on holiday to Cyprus. My boyfriends dad and step mother live in Paphos and he visits them every year with the kids. I had never been to Cyprus before and hadn’t been on holiday with the kids yet so I was really  excited about it. Also my dad was born there, my grandparents worked for the royal air force. And if anything, a holiday was well overdue! We stayed for a very hot long week and had a great time. #holidays #happiness […]


Ootd- Painting the town red

Hi there! I suppose I had a pretty boring week last week. On Thursday we had gorgeous weather, so I spent most of that day laying in the sun until the kids finished school. Because I’m trying to prove I’m a ‘cool’ step mum, I took the kids to a nearby park they hadn’t been to before and had a picnic with them! On my birthday I was given a really nice picnic basket and ever since the kids have been dying to go for a picnic. We had some sandwiches and some veggies and the likes and baked in the sun. Sadly, the weather didn’t stay like this for very long. So on my […]


Fifi Lapin

Meet the worlds most fashionable bunny, Fifi Lapin. This British bunny has undoubtedly a better wardrobe than most humans. I came across her blog many years ago, long before I was even interested in blogging. I’ve always loved bunny’s and as you may already know, I own one myself and am looking forward to adopting a little friend to keep Noodle company. She is the “haress” of her fathers fortune (which he made from his shares in carrots and lettuce on the international stock market), as she is, sadly, an only child. Fifi was one of the 257 brothers and sisters, all of whom tragically died of myxamatosis, which is a highly contagious bunny disease. […]


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#lunch #in #bruges #lunchtime with my honey ? #babettebrugge @babettebrugge #salad #tasty #instagood #foodofinstagram#sunhat#stripes A photo posted by Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) on Jun 17, 2015 at 12:52pm PDT Hi there, check out my instagram acount ;)


After women, flowers are the most divine creation

Last week we took the youngest to a petting farm. We thought this would make for a lovely day out, but somehow, we failed to think that her fear of animals would probably not make it that fun! She did enjoy the climbing frame and slides and an ice cream though! Because of this I didn’t want to get too dressed up and decided to keep it simple. It was a sunny day with a bit of a breeze, so I wore a floral dress with long short sleeves, which I got a while back in Barcelona. I’m so glad I did because I wear it all the time. I paired the dress with a […]