The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Don’t you just hate it when, even though you removed all your make up before bed, you still wake up the next morning with panda eyes? This was one of those things that bothered me sooo much. It didn’t matter how well I removed my make up and with which products, some mascara always remained stuck in my eyelashes, resulting in panda eyes almost every morning. Then a few weeks ago I came across a review written by a dutch beauty blogger Dainty Ribbons about The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and I’m so glad I did, her review sounded so promising, I went out and bought the product that same week.   Camomile […]


Everybody wants to be a cat

Everybody knows the song, from the Disney movie The Aristocats. This was one of my favourites growing up. Everything from the storyline ( nothing too sad, I didn’t like Bambi and the likes.), to the characters, I always insisted I was the little white one! One of my favourite moments was when the geese taught the little ones how to waddle. I thought being a step mum would mean being able to watch all the Disney classics again , but sadly the kids are not into that at all! So I find myself watching videos on my own here and there and thought I would share one of my favourite Disney moments. Have a happy […]


Ootd and Noodles

Hi there! I’ve been busy today. Besides the obvious change of layout ( hope you like it ;) ) I’ve finally made time to make an outfit post! The thing is, I really don’t like posing for pictures and especially not on my own.  So I try and wait until the house is empty and put a camera on automatic. Today I used the Go pro, I was very pleased with the results from my disney pics I had taken earlier in the month. I’ll do a write up about that at some point. I also enlisted help from my fluffy friend Noodle, so I wouldn’t have to pose on my own. Ok , she […]


turning 24

Happy birthday too meeee! Wednesday will be the day I turn 24. This year I decided to throw myself a little birthday party at my boyfriends pub. Nothing to big or special but nether the less we had a great time. Before meeting up at the north sea, I had to decide on an outfit which wasn’t an easy task. I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last few months so most of my dresses are a bit tight.. I did try to find something new while shopping in Brussels but had no luck. In the end I decided to ware a jumpsuit which fit al right until I sat down, and the seam […]


Take a chance and make a change.

A while back I decided I wasn’t happy with my hair any more. I started dyeing my hair dark brown when I was about 17 years old and it looked great. But every time my blondish roots starting showing, I couldn’t help wondering if blond hair would suit me. After spending ages debating if I would do it, my hairdresser suggested dyeing my hair gradually starting off with a few highlights. This is where it all started. We are almost a year down the road and I’m finally blond! Many said I couldn’t pull it off and should just stick to the dark hair, but I’m glad I went for it. However, a few weeks […]


How I got rid of my spots in just 3 weeks

As far as spots go, I’ve been fairly lucky for most of my life. I say most of my life because the past few months have been different. I can’t tell you what brought it on, but I’ve had small break outs on my chin and between my eyebrows. I recently found I chart explaining that inner health can reflect on the surface and which areas are effected by which causes. For example the spots I get on my chin could be brought on by hormones, not much I can do about that. After a few weeks of being extra careful to wash my face in the mornings and before going to bed and removing […]


My April wishlist, but won’t be buying

Shop shop shop, it’s something I LOVE to do . Nothing beats the feeling of bringing home your new find, thinking of all the ways you could wear this new item.. It’s something I have gotten a bit addicted to, I know I shouldn’t buy it and that I’ll be broke if I keep buying stuff but I just can’t help myself! So I’ve decided that this month, I would not go shopping, at all. This shouldn’t be to hard, after all I did buy myself timberlands, a pair of really cute Jhay shoes, two tshirts, a blouse… This should keep me sweat for a while right? Even while I’m writing this I’m thinking of […]



A few weeks ago we decided to take my boyfriends daughter, Juliette, to Disneyland Paris. His son was on a ski trip with his aunt and they decided Juliette is too young to join in. But I don’t think she minded when she was told where she would be going! This promise was made around Christmas and had been a bit forgotten by the little Juliette, so when we picked her up from her mums one morning she had no idea where we were going, except that it was far away. Of course we didn’t leave her in the dark for three hours and told her where we were going after a rest stop and […]


Happy Birthday Fashion Happens!

Happy birthday too meee, happy bir.. actually I’m a bit too late there. Last week I was reading a blog post on fashion walk in Brussels and Rafaela had written about her blog’s first birthday and thought what a great idea! I went on to my first blog domain to check the exact date I started and it turns out that was last month, oops! Never mind, still a nice idea to do a small recap of the past year. I started my blog after one of my friends had suggested it, to start with I wasn’t sure about the idea, did I have enough writing skills to write a blog people would actually like […]