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First week of the sales and I’ve got the flu, perfect timing! My boyfriend and I had planned to go to Antwerp last Thursday, but alas… I started feeling unwell on Monday when I was at my evening-school and it just got worse from there and I ended up staying home almost the entire week. Beside feeling sick obviously, I felt awful missing out on all those good  buys! I had already seen the good discounts everywhere on my way to work on Sunday and I was getting so excited about our shopping spree in Antwerp.

I was especially looking forward to going to the Lush store, a shop we don’t have in Bruges, to buy myself some new conditioner. And generally going to all the other shops we don’t have. Bruges is getting a bit mainstream. Not that I have a super unique style or anything but it’s nice to have other options and find a few pieces that not everyone has already.

But since I’m cooped up at home and I won’t be going anywhere soon, all I can really do is ogle at all the good sales online.



I really love these boots, there very sleek and have a classic look. Bruges has cobble stones everywhere so heels are a challenge to wear. Your safest option is to wear a thick heal or something that holds your foot in place like strappy heels or these gorgeous boots.

Zara 49,99


This is a sweater I have wanted for a while now. Again a classic look.

Zalando 89,95



Now this dress is just plain gorgeous! I have made a rule of not buying any more black dresses because my closet is starting to look really boring! Too much black! But who knows, maybe when I go to Antwerp next week I will find something similar with a bit more colour

ModeMusthaves 32,50


Ok so this wasn’t actually in sale… But who cares! hah! I need a new conditioner and have decided to go for lush entirely haircare wise.

Lush 10,95

Zara skirt

I love A-line skirts but haven’t actually purchased one yet, but hopefully I’ll find the perfect one next week!

Zara 25,99


I saw a similar tutu skirt when I was searching for a new years outfit a few weeks ago on ModeMustHaves. I love it! I hope to find one just like it and if not I’ll probably have to order it online

Chi Chi London Zalando 54,95


And last but not least… This shirt just says it all doesn’t it?

Men At Work 9,99



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