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So my boyfriend and I finally made it to Antwerp! I had been looking forward to this for weeks. So when the day finally arrived, I didn’t mind the cold weather or the rain.  We started our shopping day by making our way up to the Kammenstraat and the plan was to work our way back to the station from there.  We decided to try and shop in shops we don’t usually go to or know. Which turned out easier said than done, most shops these days are chain stores that sell more or less the same brands, which is kind of a shame.

Wedgie Jeans

A few weeks back I ordered a pair of Levi 501’s, which might have looked great if they hadn’t been two sizes to big, I’ve wanted a pair of Levi’s for a while now, so we stopped by the Levi store. I entered the shop with two things in mind, that I didn’t want to get the 501’s everyone is wearing right now and that I definitely didn’t want to get ANOTHER pair of skinny jeans. While I was browsing, a shop assistant came up and asked if he could help. I was just about to politely decline his offer to help when my boyfriend interjected. He knows me well enough to know I’m a bit too shy  to ask for advice and told the guy I wanted a new pair of jeans but didn’t know what kind I wanted. Being a sales assistant myself, I know how annoying it is to have a client who doesn’t know what she wants.

Wedgie Jeans

Luckily the guy was super friendly and suggested I try the new wedgie fit, which hugs the hips and waist, a pair of jeans that accentuate your best assets. They’re a pair of jeans I probably never would have tried myself, but they looked great. So even though my boyfriend and I have a ‘rule’ that we don’t buy new collection during the sales, I bought them anyway!

Wedgie JeansOne shop I didn’t bet on going to was the Forever 21. My boyfriend hates these kind of shops, they’re to busy, too much stuffed together, he just can’t stand it. But I was lucky, he said we could go and he even found me a really cute playsuit. I can’t wait for the winter to pass so I can wear it!



And of course, there was the Lush. Can’t go all the way to Antwerp and not go to the Lush. We didn’t have much time left so I didn’t have the chance to look at everything :( next time I’ll take a shoppinglist! I bought a conditioner and Dominick bought a pumice stone and we got one of those teensy little samples, so cute!


So this was my haul. Not too much, but I’m completely in love with the things I bought!



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