sunny days

Ootd. Sunny days

  It’s mid December and it’s nowhere near as cold as you would have expect it to be. With 14°c it feels more like spring then winter. Perfect weather to wear a dress. Today I’m wearing a few of my favourite items. I got my beige overcoat a week or two ago and have worn it almost everyday since. It’s just so gorgeous! The coat is one of the many items my boyfriend has picked out for me to try on. I didn’t think I could pull of the colour or length, but when I put it on, it looked like it was made for me (: The dress I bought a few weeks back […]


41 Days Till Christmas!

The most magical time of the year is creeping closer and closer with only 41 days to go! Doesn’t time fly? I feel like it was only yesterday I was sitting on sunny terraces at the beach. I don’t really know exactly what I will be doing over the holidays, I asked for some time off at work but it wasn’t possible. So this year it will be just me and my roomy, Jamie! Her parents will be on holiday and my family lives in the UK so we will have to make due with each other, I might even have a go at cooking christmas dinner (don’t worry, we have pizza delivery on speed […]