Sales Wishlist

First week of the sales and I’ve got the flu, perfect timing! My boyfriend and I had planned to go to Antwerp last Thursday, but alas… I started feeling unwell on Monday when I was at my evening-school and it just got worse from there and I ended up staying home almost the entire week. Beside feeling sick obviously, I felt awful missing out on all those good  buys! I had already seen the good discounts everywhere on my way to work on Sunday and I was getting so excited about our shopping spree in Antwerp. I was especially looking forward to going to the Lush store, a shop we don’t have in Bruges, to […]


My April wishlist, but won’t be buying

Shop shop shop, it’s something I LOVE to do . Nothing beats the feeling of bringing home your new find, thinking of all the ways you could wear this new item.. It’s something I have gotten a bit addicted to, I know I shouldn’t buy it and that I’ll be broke if I keep buying stuff but I just can’t help myself! So I’ve decided that this month, I would not go shopping, at all. This shouldn’t be to hard, after all I did buy myself timberlands, a pair of really cute Jhay shoes, two tshirts, a blouse… This should keep me sweat for a while right? Even while I’m writing this I’m thinking of […]