Cruelty free Poundland

I recently decided to only use cruelty free beauty products. You’d think that in this day and age it wouldn’t be too hard to steer clear of products tested on animals, how is this still happening?     It started a while back when someone got me a giftcard for MAC. A friend offhandedly mentioned they tested on animals and she didn’t think I would be ok with that. I told her I had no idea they tested on animals and didn’t really think much about it for a while. But her comment planted a seed at the back of my mind,  I kept thinking of someone doing horrible tests on my pet rabbits. So […]


Shoplog. Jeans Jeans Jeans

So my boyfriend and I finally made it to Antwerp! I had been looking forward to this for weeks. So when the day finally arrived, I didn’t mind the cold weather or the rain.  We started our shopping day by making our way up to the Kammenstraat and the plan was to work our way back to the station from there.  We decided to try and shop in shops we don’t usually go to or know. Which turned out easier said than done, most shops these days are chain stores that sell more or less the same brands, which is kind of a shame. A few weeks back I ordered a pair of Levi 501’s, […]


Unboxing: The Cloakroom

Most guys hate shopping and if they decide to come along on your shopping expedition, the chances are there will be a lot of complaining.  In this aspect I’m very lucky! My boyfriend Dominick loves shopping. If I ask him what he would like to do on our next day off together, he’ll almost always suggest a stroll through town and getting a bite to eat. He’s  like my very own personal shopper always suggesting new outfits for me and I just love it! So I was very surprised when he told me he’d signed up for something called The Cloakroom. He found an advertisement on facebook for The Cloakroom a while back and had […]


My month in pictures

Hi there! I can’t believe our holiday was only a few weeks ago! So much has happened since. Things are slowly starting to take shape in our new home. There are less and less boxes stacked waiting to be unpacked, lampshades have been hung up and furniture put together. The place has really started to feel like home. So needless to say I haven’t really done that much that wasn’t move-related in the past few weeks! #bruges #doodle #artsy #diytiger #diy Een foto die is geplaatst door Charlotte (@fashionhappensstyle) op 11 Okt 2015 om 11:44 PDT I did manage to go shopping once, calling it ‘Christmas shopping’, a week or two ago. To be fair […]


My April wishlist, but won’t be buying

Shop shop shop, it’s something I LOVE to do . Nothing beats the feeling of bringing home your new find, thinking of all the ways you could wear this new item.. It’s something I have gotten a bit addicted to, I know I shouldn’t buy it and that I’ll be broke if I keep buying stuff but I just can’t help myself! So I’ve decided that this month, I would not go shopping, at all. This shouldn’t be to hard, after all I did buy myself timberlands, a pair of really cute Jhay shoes, two tshirts, a blouse… This should keep me sweat for a while right? Even while I’m writing this I’m thinking of […]


Barcelona 15

It’s no secret that my boyfriend and I love to travel, so when he suggested we take a break and go on a citytrip to Barcelona, I was in. I had never been to Barcelona before and didn’t really know what to expect. At school we learned a bit about Gaudi and the work he had done in the city, I really wanted to see his work. Whenever I go somewhere new, I get excited about going shopping there and my friend Niki who had been recently told me Barcelona wasn’t as good as she had expected shopping wise, so again I wasn’t sure what to expect.   We got up early in the morning […]



As you might have read earlier this week I went shopping and received some of my online orders. Here’s my outfit of the day wearing two of the above. The pants are from the Old and New ( a really cute shop I have to say ) and the shoes are the ones I ordered online on As for the top and jacket, not so new and I’m not sure where I bought these, sorry!      


Pre Christmas Shopping

  Hi there! Shopping-wise, I have had a very good week. At the beginning of the week I received two internet orders, one from and another with new Gellish colours. On I ordered a dress, a top and a pair of shoes along with a playsuit for my friend. Everything fit perfectly even the shoes, I was a bit worried about those, for the clothing I measured myself to be sure about the sizes, but with the shoes there really was no way of knowing for sure if they would fit well. As for the Gellish, I ordered a mat finish, cherry red, black, blue with sparkles and black with green sparkly bits. On […]


Last week my friend and I went for a short trip to London. We had been planning and looking forward to this for a few weeks and only had a vague idea of what we would be doing there during our stay, but one thing was for sure, there would be lots of shopping!     We arrived quite early at the eurostar station in London St. Pancras and didn’t have to walk too far to the hotel we were staying at. Once we had checked in and stored our belongings we decided to start our day shopping in Oxford street. It’s known as Europe’s busiest Shopping street and stretches over two and a half […]


ShopLog: Plymouth

A few weeks ago I went down to Cornwall to visit some family and every trip to the UK is an opportunity to shop, of course. In Plymouth there is a shopping center I like to visit with a good range of shops, amongst them, Primark, River Island and TopShop. Three shops that aren’t in the area I live. I left for Plymouth at about 10 in the morning, I was staying in a small place called Wadebridge, which is about an hour away. It was raining most of the day, but doing most of my shopping indoors made things easier. I started my shopping day at Primark, of course. In Primark I saw a […]