Under the Turkish sun

What beter way to celebrate our first year together than baking under the hot Turkish sun. A few months ago my boyfriend and I decided to book a holiday together, just the two of us. I only had two criteria. It had to be sunny and there had to be a pool with a slide! This holiday was to be all about the two of us finally getting to spend some quality time together.


As I sit here writing this on our sunny terrace at the World of Wonders Resort in Gümbet, it feels like just yesterday that we went on our first date and instantly there were fireworks. Life with Dominick is exciting, I soon realized. He also a very busy man, I realized too. He works 16h days and on his days off I share him with the kids, of course. This leaves us with very precious little time for just the two of of us. After the easter holidays, the weekly schedules get tighter, leaving him with just one day off in a week.

Dominick and I

So now, finally, after counting down to this holiday for weeks, we have a whole ten days all to ourselves. At first I was so caught up in our day to day lives, planning our holiday, our move ( more on that soon!), that I didn’t realize why Dominick had chosen this specific date to go on holiday. He had to point out that it would be a great way to celebrate our first anniversary!

Dominick at the beach

It feels like such a luxury to be able to hang around and basically, do nothing. And in such beautiful settings! We wake up, have breakfast, without our usual haste, lazy around and go to the beach or hang around the pool. We have lunch and just enjoy and savor the time we get to spend together.


The resort has everything we need. We went for an all-in, which was a first for me and I have to say I’m a fan. There’s the basic buffet and three à la carte restaurants. There are plenty of things to do and bars scattered all over the place. Every night the animation team puts together a show, there was a Cuban night, comedy,circus, traditional turkish dance. The one I enjoyed most was the beach party where there were these amazing acrobates and a very impressive fire act.

Turkish dance

On a whole we really enjoyed this trip and it almost feels weird that we are going home soon. Although, when we get back in Belgium we will only get a few hours sleep before we get on our next flight to Romania. How crazy is that!

Fire act

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