turning 24

Happy birthday too meeee! Wednesday will be the day I turn 24. This year I decided to throw myself a little birthday party at my boyfriends pub. Nothing to big or special but nether the less we had a great time. Before meeting up at the north sea, I had to decide on an outfit which wasn’t an easy task. I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last few months so most of my dresses are a bit tight.. I did try to find something new while shopping in Brussels but had no luck.

11208834_897998726904985_1459713975_nIn the end I decided to ware a jumpsuit which fit al right until I sat down, and the seam at my bum tore! never mind I suppose, I found something else in the end. About half an hour before everyone was to arrive I met up with my friend Jamie to set everything up and soon people started to arrive.


My friends got some really nice and thoughtful gifts and made sure I had a great and unforgettable  night. This was really important to me because for some reason I was really worried no one would show up and also because it used to be my dad who made my birthdays special and they haven’t been the same since he passed a few years ago.


After a few drinks we moved on to the only remaining night club in Blankenberge (which is sad because there used to be like at least 7). We partied until late in the night, my friend Jamie had made me a little sign which said ‘birthday girl is getting drunk’ and by the time we arrived at the club we had to change it to ‘birthdaygirl is drunk’! One of my two colleges that came stuck around until the end even though he had to work the next day ,I heard he had a rough day at work, thats always a good sign it was a good party!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes so far and for everyone who came and made this party rock and my boyfriend for making this all possible !

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