Unboxing: The Cloakroom

The cloakroom

Most guys hate shopping and if they decide to come along on your shopping expedition, the chances are there will be a lot of complaining.  In this aspect I’m very lucky! My boyfriend Dominick loves shopping. If I ask him what he would like to do on our next day off together, he’ll almost always suggest a stroll through town and getting a bite to eat. He’s  like my very own personal shopper always suggesting new outfits for me and I just love it! So I was very surprised when he told me he’d signed up for something called The Cloakroom.

He found an advertisement on facebook for The Cloakroom a while back and had mentioned it a few times, but I didn’t think much of it. Dominick loves to go out and expand his wardrobe and find new pieces, so I didn’t think he needed someone else to chose stuff for him. But he explained to me that he was just curious to  see what they would put together for him. Who knows, they might send him things he wouldn’t usually have chosen himself, but look great.

So let me give you a brief summery of what The Cloakroom is. It’s a pretty cool concept, especially for guys who don’t like to shop or don’t have the time and still want to look good. They are a company who put together a few outfits based on your preferences and personal style. And if you are wondering how much all of this costs, it’s affordable. Your personal shopper will chose items based on a price range you set.

They start with a style quiz asking multiple choice questions such as, which of the following kind of outfit do you wear to work? What kind of brands do you like? and with this info they match you up with a personal shopper.


Dominick took the test and signed up on a Friday and on Monday got a phone call from his assigned personal shopper. She asked if had about 15 minutes time to answer a few questions. She introduced herself as Saskia and came across as a real friendly and helpful person. Saskia started by checking his details and making sure they had taken down his sizes right. She then moved on to talk about the kind of brands he likes and where he likes to shop and whether he would like clothes for work or spare time?

contents of The Cloakroom box

Just a few days later we received a rather big package from The Cloakroom. The box in itself looked quite fancy and I was excited for Dominick to open it, but being a blogger and all I had to stop him in his tracks and run after the camera! Once the box was opened I was impressed, there were three outfits, individually and neatly wrapped with a little ribbon around them. The box also contained a letter from his personal shopper, explaining how he could combine the pieces together and telling him she hoped he enjoyed trying on all the pieces. There was an index of items and another short letter explaining what to do in case you might not want to keep some of the items.


This part here might be my favourite part of the whole concept. They’ll send you the box for free, you take out what you want to keep and send back the rest, for free! I was especially glad to hear about this part, Dominick is a tall guy and even though he wears a large, the sleeves will often be to short or the shoulders to small, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

per three

Each piece in the three outfits can be combined together. Even though this is a great feature, my boyfriend and I both agreed that the chosen clothing were a little bit on the safe side. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t like it! Dominick dutifully tried on every outfit and they all looked great. Saskia had done such a good job at finding items that fit his personal style, that she had actually chosen a few things he already had. There was a dark blue pair of pants by Scotch and Soda that he already had( which look great on him by the way) and he has two or three light blue shirts.


One of my favourite pieces was a pair of green pants that looked very smart. We both really liked the grey sweater too, but he has about a zillion grey sweaters so this was a no-go and the white shirt looked great too but this one was a bit too small. In the end Dominick ended up keeping both of the pairs of socks (he loves snazzy socks) , the green pants and the denim Levi’s shirt.cloak3

I love this concept so much, I think it’s such a shame they don’t do this for woman. There are so many woman who don’t have time to shop or just don’t know how to dress or are too unconfident in choosing new things. Dominick will definitely be ordering from The Cloakroom again. Saskia has asked  to give her feedback and tell her what he thought about the chosen pieces. There where quite a few brands included that I hadn’t heard of yet, so I’m already looking forward to the next box!


Red socks: Alfredo Gonzales
Polka dot socks: Democratique
Green pants: Knowledge Cotton Apparel
Light blue shirt: Kronstadt Dean
Denim shirt: Levi’s
Grey t-shirt: Minimum
Grey polka dot sweater: Minimum
Grey sweater: Minimum
Green sweater: Minimum
White shirt: Nowadays
Purple shirt: Scotch and Soda
Jeans: Scotch and Soda
Dark blue pants: Scotch and Soda
Crew neck: Selected


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