Saint Valentines: Pinks and reds, roses and harts, chocolates and romantic dates, these are the things you generally think of. Everyone knows it as the holiday the greeting cards company’s promoted and yet we still love it.

I can’t say I’ve had a memorable valentines , this might be due to the fact that I haven’t had a particularly romantic boyfriend as yet. When I was sixteen my boyfriend at the time made me a metal rose at school, which was pretty sweet. After this I had a few short relationships and I don’t think I received any special valentines attention. My last boyfriend got me some flowers once and I made him a special valentines meal but that was it. If this year will be any different? Except for it being a belated valentines, I don’t really know. Dominick is a very attentive guy and does all he can and more to make me happy. But it’s a very busy month for him, his little girl turned 6 at the beginning of the month and we gave her a big Frozen themed party which took up the first week of the month, then the day after the birthday party, I moved into my new flat and Dominick helped me do all of this. And he didn’t get back from his trip to Madrid until yesterday. Above all this Valentines this year is on a Saturday, which means we have to celebrate it on another day, Dominick always works late on Saturdays.

But none of this really matters. To me, valentines day should be a day to remember to appreciate your loved ones and not just about your partner. It should also be about your friends who always stand by you, the ones who make you laugh in the good times and the bad or the family who are always there and support you through thick and thin.

IMG_0340Regardless I spent my afternoon making chocolates for my boyfriend and I have to say they look pretty good and I got my roomies dog a valentines tie, super cute!  So I hope you have a great valentines whether you spend it with your partner, your mum, your friend or even your beloved cat ;-)

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