Ootd. Wedgie fit

About a month ago I bought myself my first pair of Levi jeans. I’d been meaning to get a pair for a while and had even ordered a few pairs on Zalando but never got the size right. When I went to the Levi’s store, the shop assistant helped me find the right size and suggested I try a pair that was new in. At this point I hadn’t heard of the Wedgie fit yet, but I would later find out it’s a pretty popular thing at the moment. Levi promises there new jeans will make any butt look great! Sure enough, I’ve seen a few articles go by putting the jeans to the test with a load of before and after pictures. Lot’s of good looking butts!

Feeling inspired by my previous post featuring my friend Elien in a crop top, I combined my new jeans with exactly that. The jeans have a pretty high waist so this combined well with the top. My Stan Smiths haven’t failed me yet, they are so easy to wear ( I’m going to have to buy another pair for when these die!) and go with almost anything, including these jeans. And if you’re wondering if there is something in the name ‘Wedgie’ jeans, yes, with the wrong underwear, they will give you a wedgie!





Crop top Primark
Necklace Scotch and Soda
Jeans Levi
Shoes Adidas

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